Dolce Crema Bar

With Dolce Crema Bar you get a creamy coffee, which reminds of dark chocolate as well as roasted almonds and delights with its fine note

Coffee beans
6 x 1 Kg Beans

Brasilien - Sul de Minas 1180m (Arabica)
Guatemala - Huehuetenango 2150m (Arabica)
Peru - Huánuco 2150m (Arabica)
Columbia - Excelso EP Huila 1595m (Arabica)

Roasting process

We gently roast our coffee beans with the drum roasting procedure, between 16 and 18 minutes, in the original italian stone oven where coffee aroma can fully develop. The roasting curve rises slowly with 6 to 8°C per minute at the temperature of 215°C. Thereby we do not use any additives. After the long-term roasting, the beans are air-cooled.


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