Searching for an incomparable, typical italian coffee flavour, Guiseppe Drago adventerously began to roast coffee in his small garage in 1985. 

Even back then there should not be any taste compromises. With every drop the italian spirit should be noticably. Indeed Guiseppe Drago succeeded to arouse the passion of more and more coffee enthusiasts, which led the small idea to evolve into a midsize family business. 

In 2011 his children Concetta and Giorgio Drago inherited the leadership of his business. The family business` philosophy of the founder - highest uncompromisingly quality and traditionally roasting coffee in a drum roasting procedure - remains prime principle of Drago Mocambo.

Meanwhile the company manifests trade relationships with coffee farmers in several countries around the equator. Drago Mocambo ensures highest quality trough direct contact with farmers and farms. 

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