Culture of coffee

Coffee is a fascinating world that has always accompanied our lives, it being one of the most commercialized products on earth; but many people nowadays don't know how much work it takes, how many people are needed and how many kilometers a coffee bean must cover before it is served at a coffee shop. Our interest for the coffee bean, in fact, begins at the source - the plantations in Brazil, India and Africa where we directly go, keeping a close relationship with the farmers in order to motivate them in taking care of the coffee fruits starting from the harvesting, sharing with them a sustainable price that guarantees us a perfect raw material for our mixtures. Once the green coffee beans reach our company they follow a selection, with the help of advanced technological systems that cover the entire process from the storage to the roasting. This is where the magic takes place. At this point the experience and the cherished and handed down secrets of the mixtures come in. Every day we personally roast the coffee beans, taking care of every aspect of the “slow roasting,” which allows the ideal roasting procedure in order to extract the best aromas we will later find in a cup. There are over 90 different species of coffee plants but the most common are the Arabic and the Canephora variety, also known as the Robusta. Arabic coffee is very aromatic, sweet, rounded, has a medium high acidity and a fruit and berry shade. Robusta coffee instead is known for its' full-bodied, astringent and bitterness. They have low acidity and appear as a brown, almost dark brown, cream. Coming from different places, once they are graded and sorted by organoleptic characteristics, imperfections and origin, they get to our factory and go through the roasting process. Drago Mocambo produces high quality espresso coffee mixtures, spreading Italian culture all over the world. We offer choices and solutions for all parts of the coffee industry, starting from coffee grounds for supermarkets and offices to the single portioned coffee capsules for home use. We guarantee our customers a high control level regarding the quality of our mixtures along with the technical assistance needed by experts in the area.